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The Research and Training Laboratory provides training in microsurgery for eye and hand surgeons and nurses, experience in new technologies in surgery and support for innovative research, in particular research into more effective ways of surgically improving vision. 

The research and training lab is one of the best equipped wet labs in the region, offering opportunities for improving surgical expertise and undertaking innovative research. The lab is also equipped with the latest simulation technology to allow trainees and surgeons to practice their skills and also holds an anatomy license, which permits research and training to be undertaken on donated human specimens.

The lab is conveniently located within the Sydney CBD and is available for hire by individuals, groups and organisations for research, training, demonstrations and corporate events. The lab holds an anatomy license and can provide anatomical specimens for relevant events.


The lab is equipped with:

  • 10 workstations

  • 40 seat lecture theatre

  • Advanced audio-visual presentation faculties

  • Wireless internet

  • Surgical staff to support events

  • Instrument cleaning and sterilisation

Previous events held at the lab have included neuro-cranial workshops, anaesthetic conferences, education sessions, surgical product demonstration and training, surgery workshops and continuing education events for surgeons and nurses.

Faculty and staff who have participated in induction training can request a time to use the simulator or other lab resources by completing the form on the right 

Pipetting Samples

Surgical Expertise

The laboratory is part of the training program of the next generation of eye surgeons. The lab is accredited by RANZCO and has been singled out as for its excellence and uniqueness in possessing a full anatomy license, which means trainees have the opportunity to learn surgery on donated human material to improve their skills prior to operating on patients in theatre. 

The lab is a major centre for microsurgery, offering experience for eye and hand surgery, which includes microsurgical training for the Master of Surgery and Master of Ophthalmic Science programs delivered by the University of Sydney and the University of Otago (NZ).

Pro-bono training is provided by the lab for the Sydney Eye Hospital ophthalmology training program for registrars, who provide services at the hospital and in other locations throughout the state.

Anatomical training is complemented by simulation technology, which provides a very real simulated experience of cataract and vitreo-retinal surgery.

Innovative Research

The surgical skills laboratory with a full anatomy license offers space for innovative research.

Research undertaken in the laboratory has resulted in more efficient use of corneas, whereby donated corneas can be used to treat many more patients than was possible previously. This research resulted in an award to Dr Gregory Moloney from the American Association of Corneal Surgery.

Other research has investigated developing a prosthesis that holds promise for sustaining vision longer than it ever has been before in the case of corneal disease untreatable by corneal graft.


One recent case was recently reported in the media:

The foundation has provided funding to support research in other settings, such as research into the isolation of stem cells and treatments for dry eye.

Pipetting Samples